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About Online Scratch Cards

How do online scratchcards work and more...


A scratchcard (also called a scratch off, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratchie, scratch-it, scratch game, scratch-and-win, instant game or instant lottery) is a small token, usually made of cardboard, where one or more areas contain concealed information: they are covered by a substance that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off. Most of the time you need 3 matching images to win a certain prize.

Online scratch cards are set up wit h the same thing in mind. You scratch open certain area’s by clicking your mouse and you see if you have won a prize. So the difference between normal scratch cards and online scratch cards is the way you scratch open the area’s which are covered. For normal scratch cards you usually use a coin and for online scratch cards you use your cursor/mouse.

In 2009 online scratch cards weren’t well known yet. Only a couple of casino’s offered the games. But since 2010 online scratch cards became a real hype on the internet. Nowadays millions of people play these fast and instant wingames and their numbers are growing. Along with the numbers of players also grew the numbers of casino’s offering online scratch cards.

Nowadays you can play over 100 different online scratch cards and you usually don’t even have to download any software. You just sign up at an online casino and start scratching. The scratch card games also really changed over time. Some of the online scratch cards are now more like a game. You can for instance play horse racing, soccer, bowling, etc all with online scratch cards. On the other hand you also have the possibility to choose the well known scratch cards at which you only have to scratch open certain area’s to see if you have won or not.

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Expectations are that the market for online scratch cards will continue to grow. This will certainly cause more great promotions for the players!

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